October 2016 Minutes

12th Street PTO Meeting Minutes

12th Street Elementary School

Meeting Date: October 20, 2016   Time:. 6:30 pm   Location:Upstairs Media Room  Facilitator: Becky Anderson and Abby Steele

Agenda Topic

Specific Outcome to Achieve

Person facilitating this Outcome

Next Steps:  What, Who & By When

Welcome, Norms & Introductions - 5 minutes

Participants will be aware of who is in the room, their roles & responsibilities, and the norms/guidelines by which the meeting will be conducted.

Abby Steele, PTO co-president

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.  In attendance: Abby Steele, Becky Anderson, Cori Downey, Amber Duncan, Tina Thomas, Karen Gardner, Kathryn Kloha, Jenny Lambrix, Kelly Myas, Shelley Edds, Barb Welke, Naomi Anderson, Michelle Johns, Beth Hartman,  and Allison Pierce.

Approval of

Meeting Minutes- 2 minutes

Minutes will be reviewed, corrected if needed and approved.  Minutes need to please be reviewed prior to the meeting if possible.  

Abby Steele

Cori Downey motioned to approve the minutes from the May 2016 meeting.  Shelley Edds seconded.  The minutes passed.

Budget Review - 10 minutes

Budget update will be shared.  Attendees will be aware of and understand income from PTO fundraisers to date, along with overall accounts payable and receivable.  Voting will take place on matters requiring input.

Cori Downey-

PTO treasurer

A copy of the Income and Expenses was provided to each person along with the 2016/2017 budget.  Cori stated that the Fall Fest was a little under budget and was decreased from last year.  

Committee Reports - 25 minutes total

PTO members will be aware of which PTO activities and events are upcoming and will have the opportunity to respond to needs that exist regarding upcoming activities and events (volunteers, materials, coordination efforts, time, etc.)

Fall Festiveal follow up, Warm Kids, Popcorn, Movie Night, Cookie Dough, Restaurant Night, Box Tops

Abby Steele and other committee members.

Fall Festival follow up: Abby Steele states there was decreased participation from last year.  Abby states it was a bad weekend with other activities going on.  Cori states it would be nice to design some new games for next year.  Overall feedback was a great time was had and the addition of BINGO was popular.  Old Moose Bar-b-que truck was also a big hit.  

Warm Kids: Cori Downey is coordinator.  Program provides winter gear for needy families within our school.  We have 5-10 more kids than program will cover.  PTO decided to donate $250 to help supply the extra kids.  Cori will follow up with Warm Kids coordinator.  

Popcorn: Michelle Johns has volunteered as chairperson.  First day is tomorrow, Oct 21.

Movie Night: Kelli Myas has volunteered as chairperson.  It was decided that the movie will be Free Birds.  Date is Nov 11.

Cookie Dough: Tina Thomas reported that kick-off will be Nov 4 and 4th graders will have 2 weeks to sell.  Cookies will be delivered on 12/15 after school or after evening concert. Tina reported that last year 700 tubs were sold which reduced each student’s Sherman Lake fees to $59.  

Restaurant Night: Tina Thomas reported that Chuck E Cheese night brought in $149.17 which is lower than last year.  Penn Station will be Oct 26 from 4-8pm with no flyer needed and Blaze Pizza will be Dec 8th.  There will be no restaurant night in Nov.  

Box Tops:  Abby Steele reported that first collection brought in 5,499 box tops.  Mrs. Meeker’s class won with 519 and Mrs. Hall’s with 513.  There will be less collection times this year.  Pizza party will be at end of year with highest class total.

Recognition Charm Necklace Program: Beth Hartman reported that the program is off to a good start.  Every child was given a necklace and a “puzzle” piece charm.  Kids can earn additional charms by good behavior and following PAWS.  It was decided that kids will leave necklaces at school at end of year to avoid them getting lost.  Heather Haas has been organizing event.

Kalamazoo Cobras Family Night

Amber Duncan, owner of Cobras

Amber Duncan reported on history and philosophy of Kalamazoo Cobras basketball team.  She invited us to participate in “Class with the Cobras” and “Cobra Kids” program.  Each student will get free ticket to Nov.20th game and 10% of sales go back to our school.  Also, each teacher gets to choose a child from each class to sit behind players at the game.  There will also be an assembly at school prior to game to get kids excited and introduce the players.

Father/Daughter Dance

Tina Thomas and Becky Anderson, chairpersons

Tina and Becky stated that the dance will be on Feb 4th.  Dance has been changed to Saturday night this year to allow increased time for parents to help and get ready for event. Planning will begin in Nov.

Mother/Son Skate

Abby Steele

Abby reported that Michelle Thomas is chairperson again this year.  Event will be March 18th from 1-3 pm.  It was requested that bowling be looked into instead of skating.   

Spring Sprint


Abby Steele

Our biggest fund raiser of the year will be on May 12.  The Kalamazoo Cobras will be running with us this time.

Abby reported that there are still several classrooms without photographers.  

Miscellaneous - 15 minutes

Additional fundraising and events brought up by attendees.

Abby Steele

It was decided to vary the the times of the PTO meeting from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm to try to include as many parents as possible.  

Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm.